I am interested in all things to do with learning, education and digital technologies. I supervise Masters and Doctoral students undertaking research in education, with specific specialisms including game-based learning, pedagogic innovation, elearning/technology-enhanced learning, curriculum design, blended learning, action research and insider research.

A full list of my publications / presentations is provided below. (Further details also available from:

Rooney, P and Whitton, N (Eds) (2016) Game Based Learning and the Power of  Play: Exploring Evidence, Challenges and Future Directions. Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne; Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Healy, JP, Cullen, C, Rooney, P (2016) “Towards a Framework for Computer-Mediated Debriefing in Interactive Game-Based Exhibits” in Irish Symposium on Game Based Learning, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, June 2016.

Rooney, P (2015) “Facilitating Online Continuing Professional Development Opportunities in Technology-Enhanced Learning: the TELTA approach”, International Journal of Advanced  Corporate Learning.8 (4) Available at:

O’Rourke, KC Rooney, P and Boylan, F (2015) “What’s the Use of a VLE?,” Irish Journal of Academic Practice. 4 (1). Available at:

Rooney, P (2014) ‘Serious games in higher education: What do our “digital natives” really think?’ in P. Felicia (Ed.) Game-Based Learning: opportunities and challenges. Newcastle upon Tyne; Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Rooney, P (2013) ‘Harnessing serious games for higher education: an exploration of current drivers, strategies and emerging issues’ in J. Jovanovic and R. Chiong (Eds.) Technological and Social Environments for Interactive Learning. Santa Rosa, California: Informing Science Press. (ONLINE: )

Rooney, P (2013) (Ed.) Proceedings of the Third Irish Symposium on Game Based Learning, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, 6-7 June 2013.

Rooney, P (2012) ‘A theoretical framework for serious game design: exploring pedagogy, play and fidelity and their implications for the design process’. International Journal of Game Based Learning 2 (4).

Rooney, P (2012) ‘Exploring higher education students’ attitudes towards serious games in the classroom’ Irish Symposium on Game Based Learning, Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland June 7, 2012.

Rooney, P (2012) ‘Creating Serious Games Through Multidisciplinary Teams At Third Level: Evaluating The Implications Of An In-House Approach’ in 6th European Conference on Games Based Learning, University College Cork, October 4, 2012.

Rooney, P (2012) ‘Are you game? Exploring game-based learning for higher education’ in 10th Annual Dublin eLearning Summer School, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, June 21, 2012.

Rooney P, Igbrude C, Kenna P, O’Toole M (2011) ‘The challenge of managing staff in the workplace: exploring the affordances and opportunities of machinima for supporting managers in higher education’ in ALT-C 2011, University of Leeds, UK, 6-8 September 2011. (ONLINE:

Rooney, P (2011) ‘Harnessing serious games in higher education: a case study. EdD Thesis, University of Sheffield.

Murphy A, O’Rourke KC, Rooney P (2009) ‘The Learn@Work Socrates-Minerva Research Project 2005-2007: what did it do and what has happened with it since?’ Journal of applied research in workplace e-learning 1 (1) 154-168.

Rooney P, MacNamee B, O’Rourke KC, Burke G, Igbrude C (2009) ‘Cross-disciplinary approaches for developing serious games in Higher Education’ in VS-Games ’09 Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University, 23-24 March 2009. (ONLINE:

Boylan F, Rooney P, McConnell J, Luby A, Maughan R, Shanahan D, King D, and Kiely T (2008) ‘Untying the Accountancy Knot II’ National Academy for Integration of Research, Training and Learning Conference, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, November 2008.

Murphy A, O’Rourke KC, Rooney P (2007) ‘The digital partnership divide: can eLearning pedagogical designers understand worker-learners? in 37th Annual SCUTREA Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast, 3-5 July 2007.

Murphy A, O’Rourke K, Rooney P, Dixon N (2007) ‘Designing eLearning for the workplace: challenges for worker-learners, e-designers and academic staff’ Annual Irish Educational Technology Users Conference, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, May 2007.

Rooney P, Mac Namee B (2007) ‘Students @ Play: Serious Games for Learning in Higher Education’ INTED2007 International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Valencia, March 7th-9th 2007. (ONLINE:

Rooney P, Mac Namee B (2007) ‘Using Serious Games for Learning in Higher Education – “False Dawn” or Untapped Resource?’ CAL ’07 Development, Disruption & Debate – D3, Trinity College Dublin, 26th-28th March 2007.

Murphy A, Rooney P (2006) ‘Learn @ Work: an elearning perspective’ 17th Scottish Forum on Lifelong Learning, University of Stirling, UK, November 2006.

MacNamee B, Rooney P, Lindstrom P, Ritchie A, Boylan F, Burke G (2006) ‘Serious Gordon Using Serious Games To Teach Food Safety in the Kitchen’ in 9th International Conference on Computer Games: AI, Animation, Mobile, Educational & Serious Games, Dublin Institute of Technology Dublin, 22-24th November 2006.

Rooney P (2006) ‘Learning technologies and dyslexic students at third level’ in Fourth Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, National University of Ireland Galway, June 2006.

Rooney P, Mac Namee B (2006) ‘Games and Simulations in Education’ in Innovations in Learning Technology: New Frontiers Irish Learning Technology Association eLearning Symposium Trinity College Dublin, 12th December 2006.

Rooney P (2005) Researching from the inside: does it compromise validity? Level 3 DIT’s Online Journal (ONLINE:

Rooney P (2005) ‘Generating knowledge or improving practice? A critical analysis of the relationship between theory and practice in “action research”. University of Sheffield Department of Educational Studies. (ONLINE: )

Rooney P (2004) ‘Converting a face-to-face course for online delivery — tips for success’ in Annual Irish Educational Technology Users Conference June 2004

Rooney P and Stack M (2004) ‘An interactive online gallery of histological images’ in Annual Irish Educational Technology Users Conference June 2004

Rooney P and O’Brien F (2004) ‘Implementing learning technologies on an institutional scale: reflections on the change process’ in AISHE Inaugural Conference September 2004


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